Construction Ballet!

by Mari Robeson in

It's been a busy week once again. I was put in charge of the Door Design Contest (go figure) at my daughter's elementary school. It's for Red Ribbon Week which is a designated time that the school donates towards educating our children about the dangers of drug usage. Oddly enough, my friend Shelley, was in my boutique with her husband when I was asked to do this. Her husband happens to be a police officer who came up with the "Don't Open The Door" concept. I then had each of the children make little ghosts that said, "I could have been a fill-in-the-blank." If only I hadn't done drugs. Normally I would choose a more positive concept but it just seemed to work with Halloween and all... Also, a couple more house updates. I just LOVE big equipment. Putting the trusses on was like watching Construction Ballet! Di-vine!

RaquelDoorDesign.jpg M-House1007-1.jpg