The Skinny!

by Mari Robeson in

How sad...I only posted once last week, truly a sign that I am unusually busy (but Thankful-right?). Here's just a snapshot of what's been going on... It all started with our first 7th grade school dance. Shaunah helped Serena get ready and she looked so beautiful (well I think she always looks beautiful)...then we took off to Disneyland for the weekend as you know. It was Raquel (adorable, witty, middle daughter) and Bill's (yummy, fantastic hubby) birthdays which meant way too much cake eating all week. I had a big presentation for a restaurant remodel in Pismo Beach and also was asked to do another restaurant in Morro Bay, which meant lots of meetings. Plus the boutique is so fun right now with Halloween and the Holidays fast approaching. I've been very flattered to have Romantic Homes magazine want to do an article about me, which meant photo shoot...which means endless cleaning because I'm cursed with perfectionism. Oh yes, and the house for my parents...just to name a few of the things that went on last week. Eeeeeesh, I'm tired just writing this! Time to grab a little breakfast and head off to Big Sur for Bill's birthday get-away! Here's a little clip my dancer friend sent me. It will make you totally crack up! (cut & paste in your browser)