The Meaning Of Life At Disneyland!

by Mari Robeson in

Ok I just wrote this really thoughtful, tear-jerker of an entry and somehow lost it! grrrrrr.... So here's the Reader's Digest version... It all started last week when I caught myself answering the question, "Hey Mari, how are you?" with, "I'm busy, soooo busy!" I realized I probably say that at least ten times a day.... I also realized that this "kind of busy" was not the "good kind." The solution....we packed up the family and went to the Happiest Place On Earth of course...
No projects, no cell phone, no lap top....just Tea Cups and Indiana Jones and the Haunted House (that was all decorated for Halloween). For one weekend, I closed up the boutique and we headed for Disneyland!!!


TeaCups2.jpgTeaCups1.jpgDisneyland just has a way of putting everything into perspective or maybe it's just the change of scenery. I realized that it's OK to take a day or two off to play. I realized it's no longer important to me that my house is spotless, or that I'm not the same weight I was in college, or that I have  more wrinkles around my eyes than I used to, it just means I have had much to smile about.

I do care that my husband spent the entire day with me, his 3 daughters, his mother, and our niece (6 women) and didn't complain once about going to see the Princesses or that he missed a ground breaking college football game where Stanford beat USC! I do care that I saw the biggest smiles on my girls faces after exiting the Indiana Jones ride that I've ever seen in my entire life. I do care about the people I love and the clients I work with and the lovely people I meet every day in my I'm busy...whatever, get over it...Everyone is busy....

I've have officially decided to change my response to, "Hey Mari, how are you?" to "I'm thankful. Soooo thankful!"