Save The Dates! HGTV! Grand Opening! Men's Night!

by Mari Robeson in ,

Hey everyone! Well if you missed it last summer you have a second chance! My segments on HGTV, That's Clever will be airing again on February 6th!!! Yippie! It's wacky , creative, and a lot of fun!!! I hope you'll tune in!
Also, Save These Dates! Grand Opening of Mari Robeson Home will be Saturday January 27th, 1:00 on until....who knows?
Friday February 9th! Men's Night! All you men out there stop by and shop for your sweetie pie and have some snacks! Complimentary gift wrapping! I will be featuring a fabulous new jewelry designer....(more to come on that soon)...
Hey, I'm here for you...I just want you to look good on Valentine's Day!
To Recap: Showroom Grand Opening - Sat., Jan. 27th, Valentine's Men's Night - Fri., Feb 9th, and HGTV Feb 6th!!!