Design Star!

by Mari Robeson in

Well, did you watch the finale of Design Star last night? Shaunah (my extremely talented niece) is back here with me for a few more weeks before going back for her last year of Interior Design at U.C. Davis. We've had many discussions about the show "Design Star" on HGTV. One thing I found to be most interesting is that, to some degree, it doesn't matter what pedigree of design education you really boils down to your inner aesthetic. You can only be taught so much, and yes, there are design rules, but what it really comes down to is you either have it or you don't. I'm certainly not saying that you should skip college and just call yourself a designer like Bobby Trendy (Anna Nicole Smith's reality show designer)...that was hilarious!!!! It's very important to study the elements and history of design but as you can see with the show it was definitely very important to be able to think and solve problems quickly. My vote without a doubt was for David. He is a true artist. Last night he did a zen bedroom which was beautiful and he handled the exterior space as well. Alice did a children's room (which is David's specialty ironically and mine too). I felt she missed the boat completely. She called it her "Alice in Wonderland" room which made no sense except that it's her name? Whatever, there was no "wonder" there at all. What she really missed was just decorating the interior space (in a very none creative, traditional way - where's the magic???) instead of encompassing the outside in her design. So you can tell who we voted for...the final episode is Wed., Sept 6th, where they announce who America voted for. Let's see if America agrees with me.