Design Challenge - Part 3

by Mari Robeson in

By now we've cleared the clutter and figured out our seating, so it's time to address the stations: creating art, art display, and computer homework area. This is where I like to think outside the box. Think of unused space in non-traditional ways. Paint the top of a table or part of a wall with chalkboard paint. This is available everywhere.paintchalkboard.jpg If you're concerned with paint spilling on your carpet during art projects, I like to use oil cloth. Oil cloth can easily be wiped down and comes in tons of colors and designs. For display I thought this idea of a magnetic wall treatment was fun and clever. To address homework, I liked the way this desk was constructed. Anyone handy can make this. Email me for instructions.
So there are some simple concepts on pulling your playroom together. Make everyone comfortable, have lots of supplies that have a place to be put away, and be creative with display...creating any beautiful space takes some time but when completed it will change how you feel about yourself. Beautiful spaces effect our spirit! I encourage your to take the time to make this a thoughtful and magical playroom, you won't regret it. For more ideas on kid's playrooms check out under kid's playrooms. Good Luck!
magnetwall.jpg desk.jpg