Design Challenge in San Diego!

by Mari Robeson in

I've been given a new design challenge from San Diego! She asks:
"I have this playroom space at the top of my stairs that is open and light and crammed with toys that the kids never use....the problem being that they don't want to go up there by themselves - they want me to always be with them. Also, I wish the room was set up differently so that we would all be up there together and more inviting for them to play, maybe having some sort of stations according to the age needs (1, 3, 8) Do you think I can use some sort of sheet or rug on the floor and bring the easel and chalkboard up there (right now it is outside and it is getting ruined and rarely used) and use a table for coloring and crafts. We have a Michaels and I could stock up on some cheap supplies (did I mention we are on a tight budget :)) Every night I go upstairs and realize I have let another day go by without getting my act together. I am so bad at this that I can stare at the room and not know where to start. If you have any ideas or inspiration for me - let me know!!"
I'll be working on this the next two days with resources and ideas for a delicious playroom! Thanks for the challenge!!!