That's Clever & Candle Crazy!

by Mari Robeson

Hi, Hi, Hi!!! First of all, a GREAT BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who watched me on HGTV yesterday and have responded with such kindness and enthusiasm! I appreciate the fact that you all overlooked my wacky, dorky personality... I have to say that the greatest thing about being on that show is to see how it expands art into the world. One of my simple missions in life.
Having said that, let's move onto some of the very cool things I saw in San Francisco last weekend. I fell in love with these candelabras from Impulse I am struck by the graphic nature of them, yet they are functional too. It's almost like living in an illustration with the 2 dimensional quality of them. Soooooooo....I had to purchase some of them for my new, did that just slip out? Ha ha....right! Cat's out of the bag! I'm opening a new showroom in the Village of Arroyo Grande this Fall!!!! Yay! It will be part showroom to meet with Interior Design clients and part Retail Therapy. More to come on that..... :-)
But for today.....Thank you again everyone...I sincerely appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart! "No Dream Is Too Big That We Can't Grow Into It." Thank you all for helping me grow into my Dream.