The Perfect Dahlia!

by Mari Robeson in

Well, welcome back to school! Yikes! Not one week into it and we all seamlessly get our share of the ever popular head cold, congestion, head ache, overall energy loss....ugggg! So as I lay in bed with my box of tissues watching Project Runway reruns and feeling sorry for myself I remind myself that this too shall pass. A saying my Dad is famous for... Today I awoke a lot stronger, still congested but definitely more alive. I think God gives us days like these to remind us to appreciate the simple things we take for granted, like breathing, and laughter, and flowers, and blue skies. So here are some pictures of some simple, yet beautiful dahlias from my neighbor Marylou's garden. (I'm convinced she has magic garden dust she spreads on everything because they are always so magnificent!) One more good nights sleep and I'll be back to myself...thank you God!! So no great design find today. Hmmmm....actually, probably the greatest design find of all. The Perfect Dahlia! Color, Health and Joy to you all.
dahlia.jpg dahlia3.jpg