Retail Therapy in our small town!

by Mari Robeson in

You know you're on the map when your little town gets an Urban Outfitters! San Luis Obispo, CA, recently opened a new U.O. and ironically it's in a building where I worked for eight years right out of college. Last week I meandered in and walked through all the latest fashion finds when a young, ultra trendy fashionista asked if I had seen the house ware department upstairs....apparently she could tell I was hunting for something. I made my way up the unfinished stairs to a space full of funky furnishings, rugs and art prints. U.O. has inexpensive, yet stylish and, dare I say, urban, home accessories. It didn't appear to be quality made merchandise but for a first place or college digs I would have to recommend it. It's fun...the website's pretty fun too! http://www.urbanoutfitters.comuopic.jpg