What Is Blik?

by Mari Robeson in ,

No really...What is blik? Blik is an I.D. Magazine award-winning* line of surface graphics created by and for people who like to change their mind. These self-adhesive wall decals (think stickers for grown-ups) allow you to easily transform the look of a living or office space in minutes. I haven't personally tried these yet but I am planning to. It appears that all you need to do is affix blik to any smooth, flat surface such as a wall, window, mirror, ceiling, tabletop or floor. Choose your space, plan the design you'd like to make, and literally, just peel and stick. What's great about that is it's an inexpensive way to make over a room...great for a growing child or a Gemini like myself who is constantly changing my interiors. The decals are easily removable...not like the two layers of wallpaper my girls and I removed at my friends Vera's house last week! We did it though, huh Vera?
Soooooooo....I digress.....What is blik? Blik is Color and Inspiration for a do-it-yourself make over!