She's A Swirly Girl!

by Mari Robeson in

Back when my first daughter was born I was illustrating for greeting card companies and someone mentioned that they had seen one of my cards in a store downtown. I had know that I wasn't in that store, so the next time I went down there I saw what they were talking about. There was a deliciously colorful line illustrated by Christine Miller, AKA Swirly Girl, and we definitely had our similarities. I did the unspeakable and wrote her a letter. She was in Santa Barbara of all places. She did the unspeakable, and wrote right back. I say this because there are few artist who are so secure with themselves that they are willing to share ideas and resources...Christine was nothing like that. She was an Amazing help to me in growing my business and she turned out to be an Amazing life long friend. Just as my art has evolved and transformed into many manifestations, so has hers. Christine now makes these Divine Collages of her world travels. They are so thoughtful and beautiful, just like her. The best art for your home is original art that speaks to your soul...and a little birdie has told me that we just may be seeing a show of Christine's work early next spring in our little town. Now that is some serious Color and Inspiration! You can view Christine's Magical collections at