Party Pantry Must Have!

by Mari Robeson in

A few years ago my friend, the Queen of Entertaining, Miss Julie, gave us this as a house warming gift. I can not tell you how many times I have used this great drink dispenser! Available at I have used it for baby showers, kids parties, any kind of large party I've had (and there have been a few) and I see it as a must have for entertaining. Here's why. First of all, it's very pretty. I always make a large colorful tag describing the contents and tie it with ribbon to the top. I make sure to write if the beverage of the day is with or without alcohol, obviously very important! Second of all I can pre-make my beverage which gives me more time to enjoy my guests.It's great for margaritas, ice tea, lemonade, and my favorite..."Fizzy Punch"....also a recipe from the Queen of E., Miss Julie:
2 cans of different tropical concentrated punch. Instead of filling emptied can with the 3 cans of water, use 7-Up and soda water to taste.I usually use 1 liter of 7-Up and 1 to 2 liters of soda water. Adults and kids alike, love this punch!
Before guest arrive, fill and seal a plastic bag with ice and drop inside to keep it cold. Switch out the bag of ice with fancy ice cubes right before everyone arrives. "Fancy Cubes"...take a muffin tin and fill with water. Slice a lemon and place one lemon slice into each opening of your muffin tin and freeze over night. Pop out right before party time and place lemon ice cubes into your dispenser! You can also do this with raspberries, strawberries, any kind of fruit you want to put with your drink. Simply magical!picture 3.png