She sells seashells by the seashore & they're fabulous!

by Mari Robeson

Ok I'm still on my latest obsession with seashells. Maybe you've noticed but this vintage way of decorating is making a resurgence. It's selective vision I'm sure. Everywhere I look I see something with seashells on it. From mirrors to headboards and of course Martha's pots...but let me tell you what is really divine! My wonderful friend Danielle, took this craft to an entirely new level! She bought star fish from a local store (being that we're blessed to live so close to the ocean) and beaded them with her grandmothers vintage broches and small glass beads. They are so fabulous! I wish I had a picture phone with me when she showed them to me last night...what a tease....maybe I can get her to send me a picture....meanwhile, my point is, take something old and make it new again. Isn't that what design is all about? Create your own signature seashell!sea-shell-pots.jpg