Time To Get Your Beauty Sleep!

by Mari Robeson in

So this past Sunday, my fabulous neighbors, Matt & Terri, were having dinner with us and Miss Terri says to me, "I have a proposition for you.", of course I'm immediately intrigued when she goes on to say, "I need to step up my work outs. How about you and I run our hill (we live on the top of two very steep hills) every morning at 5:30am?". To my surprise I said, "5:45?". What was I thinking? I was negotiating 15 more minutes of sleep? This is insanity. This means I will have to go to sleep before 11:00. This means no glass of wine at night.... She said, "Done. 5:45, every day Monday through Friday."
O.K. Now knowing all the right things to do and actually doing them are two different things. After running around all day with meetings and carpools it's just so much easier to pour a glass of vino to relax, but I have to say, I have come up with something so much better and the pay off has been amazing! So now at night after reading to my girls, taking out their bad dreams, and giving them their hug, kiss and magic dust, I draw myself a warm bath. I light my most favorite scented candles, (this week I've been into my "Lavender Fields" one), listen to George Winston on my ipod, and take a long soak with one of my favorite magazines...right now that's "Domino"....so great!
After the bath, I break out my Creamy Soy and Shea Butter Lotion! This week I was into the "Coconut Lime Vernbena" because the weather has been warm and it reminds me of summer... After putting on my snuggly jammies and these great chenille socks, (I found at Costco of all places), I climb into bed and rest my head on the most divine silk pillowcases you could ever imagine!

These pillowcases are an absolute must have for anyone who values a little self pampering! Don't we all? It just goes perfectly with my feeling that having the best only costs a little bit more. I unveiled these at my Trunk Show and I'm thrilled to say you all are enjoying them as much as I do! They are Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases in their own individual Silk Envelope Bag! I sleep with mine every night and when I travel I always take my "Silky" with me! So not only have they become the perfect way to end a day for me, I have had a blast sharing these Treasures with my friends and family. I just love this as a gift because it's so unique and perfect for the man or woman who has everything. (Silk lore has it that sleeping on silk is wonderful for your skin and hair....I'll take anything that will help the onset of wrinkles!)
Of course you can purchase these at http://www.MariRobesonHome.com....A little shameless self promotion! So thank you Miss Terri for helping me to get a little bit healthier again and reminding me that there are so many wonderful benefits to getting a good nights sleep along with starting the day off right with exercise and a beautiful friend! mrh-cp101400.jpg