It's A Cliff Hanger!

by Mari Robeson in

OK...I apologize that my blog has been rather self indulgent lately. I promise as soon as I get this little showroom open I will go back to writing about my usual, fabulous design finds. Here's the latest skinny on what's happening with the showroom. We did not receive a Final on the building today...pretty upsetting, especially because I had a lovely write up in the Tribune today that said I am opening Friday!!!(Scroll down to the end) So...... I showed the Inspector that I had my Fire Extinguisher and that I had no crazy extension chords and that I was in the newspaper today and I have to be open by Friday at the latest!!! He said...... he would bring the crew back tomorrow and hopefully give us Temporary Occupancy!!! OK, OK, Friday's good, I'll take it...So it's a cliff hanger...hopefully you'll read this tomorrow night and I will have some champagne popping good news! 1 day and counting...Thank you again for all your support!!!!