Miracles and Believing!

by Mari Robeson in

Today is Tuesday and there is still so much to do...this little showroom is sounding like the house that never is done....ha ha. Today I'm hoping to hear from SBC to see if I have dial tone but I do have a new phone number! 805-473-1073!
Isn't that exciting! Not any more exciting that my sign design getting passed by the Architectual Review Committee (ARC). They said it was, "Elegant, Classy, and Beautiful!" I have to thank Sean from Southpaw Signs http://www.SouthPawSigns.com who did an excellent presentation, my gorgeous husband Bill, and my spiritual Angel Miss Pat. Miss Pat told me 10 years ago my logo would be a heart with wings. I was in the showroom when I received the called that they passed the design with flying colors. As I hung up my phone the music playing on my ipod was a song by John Legend, "Coming Home". I realized it was a song we had sung at Miss Pat's memorial....those of you who know me, know that the tears just started flowing.
There have been so many wonderful, supportive people helping, (sometimes pushing me "you know who you are") towards my DREAM. I can not believe how incredibly blessed I have been by family and friends and people who I have just met. It has taught me how wonderful and kind and geniune mankind is. Like Miracle on 34th Street...why not believe? Life is so much more full when we choose to believe in one another. Thank you everyone for believing in me...
2 days and counting!