Designing With An Old Friend!

by Mari Robeson in ,

What a beautiful Sunday morning!  I'm heading down to the showroom to continue my set-up. I have this stunning cradle by Bratt Decor going in the window. I've asked my friend, Ken, to join me. Ken & I did the Visual Design for Copeland's Sports back in the early 90's. Almost 10 years ago Ken passed away from AIDS. He was way too young and fabulous to die. He's now one of my Spiritual Team members I call on all the time. Ken taught me about planting bulbs and pinching back geraniums and how to use monofiliment (a very fun way to say fishing wire) in displays. So today he and I are going to set up something magical... I carry the entire Bratt Decor line which is beautifully crafted and designed! 4 days and counting!decorcradle.jpg