Color Effects!

by Mari Robeson in ,

There's no doubt about it, color effects our mood, our appetite and the way we look at the world. It's been this funny little thing in the building I've moved by one I've been asked to select their colors. (I love doing that by the way.) I love color and the bolder the better. Even people I know who are afraid of color are so pleased when they finally make the plunge. Just remember it's only paint and it's really quite easy to change. Domino Magazine has a great website for ideas and recently they've added a slide show of room color ideas. I love how they used black paint to create a graphic "frame". Very mod! Using paint in a contrasting color is a great trick that can also be done around windows and doors as an inexpensive way to create architectural interest. Fun inspiration! http://www.dominomag.comDompic.jpg