Tree Trimming Terrific!

by Mari Robeson in

Yay! My showroom is finally open! Thank you everyone for all your love and support! Miss Karla, I will post more photos soon! Thank you for your lovely comment! And thank you all who came out last weekend in the pouring rain to shop and show your support!!! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!
OK, enough already about the showroom! Let's get on with the parties! So I finally moved all these boxes out of my dining room only to replace them with more boxes of...Christmas decorations! (I know, I'm a bit behind) None the less, I looked at all those boxes that my daughter's shredded into giggling with excitement and I felt the Christmas Magic wash over me... Now that I'm a working girl the tree will have to wait until this Friday. So we've decided to throw a little Tree Trimming party! Why not? So here's my Mari Tip of the day on the Tree Trimming party. Invite your friends, put out some treats and festive drinks, light the fire, and turn up the Christmas tunes. If you do it in the evening you may want to make a big pot of chilli and have some yummy appetizers like baked brie cheese or homemade mac and cheese for the kids. How about a big pot of cheesy fondue! Keep it simple. It's all about being together and creating a memory. What a beautiful gift to give your children...a memory of a Magical Holiday! I have found that hands-down the best website to find any kind of recipe is
Have fun, breathe deeply and throw yourself into the wonder of it all. Happy Holidays!!!