Show Me The Splitter Guy!!!

by Mari Robeson in

OMG! What a gnarly day! At one minute we thought our phone would be hooked up, an hour later I was being told that the "Splitter Guy" would need to come out first...that turned into being bumped to the bottom of the list, somewhere in some dark hole to the date of Dec. 11th! On a brighter note PG&E hooked up the building and there is a very possible chance I may have power TOMORROW! I'll believe it when I see it...(OK allow me a small pitty party here). It would be nice to have some music while I do my final set up this weekend....which leads me to what makes me happy, and that's my family, my friends, my art, and all these little treasures I can't wait to share!!! I'm going to keep the Faith...that said...5 days and counting...

I LOVE this line of jewelry by Pick Up Sticks. These are two very talented woman whose work is campy and fun. You'll have to pop in and check it out!pickupsticks.jpg