The Journey!

by Mari Robeson in

It feels like Christmas in more ways than one. I'm starting to unpack all these treasures for my showroom and I'm remembering my journey that has brought me thus far. It's always been a dream of mine to open a boutique. I love the feeling when I walk into a showroom that is thoughtfully and creatively designed. It makes my heart flutter and I feel inspired! I used to think I should be doing something more worth while with my life and then one significant day I realized that sharing my art, meeting and talking with others, and bringing more color into the world was what I was supposed to do.
Each of us have more than one gift that is uniquely ours. It's our job to bring that into the world. Collectively, if we all follow our heart's passion we will be doing something very worth while for the world...I hope as you read this you know it was written just for you. There are no coincidences. Follow your passion. Live your dream. What are you waiting for?
This has been a roller coaster of a road but at least I know I tried. That is something at the end of my days, I will never regret. (6 days and counting!)

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