Countdown To Christmas!

by Mari Robeson in

Another day of wait, wait, wait....maybe if we all say a collective prayer this building will get a Final soon and I can open my showroom doors! :-) It's kind of like waiting for Christmas....I love this time of year and when I was little I would count down every day....(even though I already snooped through all the gifts and pretty much knew what I was getting). That was until my mom finally caught on one year and instead of putting names on the gifts she hid, she put numbers. The funny thing was that she forgot, (out of five of us kids) who got what number! Not so exciting opening up your brother's pajamas....she actually tried to do it again the next year with that same result. LOL!
But here is such a sweet site with another fun way to count down the days until Christmas. Kits come with 25 pyramids, 25 numbered tags, and 25 pieces of Midori rayon ribbon. You can fill these boxes with little gifts or candy and hang from a tree or line a mantel. This is also a great site to order party favors from. How magical!