Time To Pull Out The Good Stuff!

by Mari Robeson in

Before you know it the holidays will be upon us! Time for family and friends and food!!! Did I mention food? Yum!!! I believe in using the good stuff everyday but when the holidays come I believe in creating a divine experience! As a designer, whether I'm laying out a floor plan or laying out a tabletop, it's all about attention to detail. You must start with a fabulous tablecloth and don't even think about using paper napkins...(so you have to do a little extra laundry, when you see the smile on those faces and everyone lingers at the table for hours, it's all worth it). We have to live don't we? It can't all be about work. You know by now I'm Obsessive Compulsive over textiles but you really don't have to spend alot of money to create a magical tabletop. Anthropologie has some very fun choices in table wear, heck everything is fun about Anthropologie...so much so there's even a blog about it. http://www.cravinganthropologie.blogspot.com
So pull out your good stuff because I'll be giving you lots of ideas on what to do with it over the next few weeks! http://www.anthropologie.com