Pony Tails To Pillows!

by Mari Robeson in

Being a designer I often make my own custom bedding, drapes, and upholstery, and being a Mom of three little girls, I've done my share of pony tails. How? You say, do the two relate to one another? A couple years ago my Divine friend Danielle (Divine Danielle) gave my daughter some pony tail holders with a faux fur pom pom. They are a huge hit whenever she wears them. (I even wear them occasionally!) So when I was shopping at http://www.mjtrim.com I came across a similar Pom Pom. I thought it's not only great for hair but what about pillows or on the corners of a throw...you see how my mind works....pony tails to pillows! This is a fun site to find unique embellishments. Enjoy!