August's Featured Artist - Laurie Buck

by Mari Robeson

I have such a sweet interview for you today! Introducing the incredibly talented Laurie Buck.

Episode 23 YouTube 2.jpg

I fell in love with Laurie’s florals on Instagram and became an instant fan. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate artists to share for the month of August.

I never guessed that Laurie did not receive a formal art education. In fact, she was an English teacher before becoming a self taught artist. I think this is a powerful story for those of you who would like to pursue being an artist but perhaps do not have the means or time to study formally. There are many paths to following your passion and Laurie’s creative journey is inspiring!

Episode 23 YouTube 6.jpg

Laurie also shares a sweet story about how she found her place at Art and Light Gallery. Her work is currently represented by them. Recently she had her first one woman exhibit there and she is sharing all about how she pulled it all together. It was a huge success!

I also fell in love with her charming new studio space and how she turned it into a magical place to create. She works with a few other artists there and she shares how they all support one another. Lots of great advice on this episode too!

Episode 23 YouTube 9.jpg

For the month of August Laurie is sharing 20% of the proceeds from the sale of her most popular print, ‘Sweet on You’, to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. Such a beautiful bouquet of happy flowers!

You can Listen & Watch the Full Episode HERE.

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Webiste: LaurieBuckStudio

Instagram: @Laurie_Buck

Represented By: Art and Light Gallery

July's Featured Creative Entrepreneur - Andrea Kendall

by Mari Robeson

Happy Summer Everyone! I’m so excited to introduce you to Andrea Kendall. I ran across Andrea’s Instagram, Spark Your Art, about a month ago and was really impressed with what she is doing for the artist community. I reached out to her and she graciously agreed to let me feature her here on the Podcast!

Episode 22 YouTube 2.jpg

In today's Episode we talk all about the business side of being a full time artist. Andrea Kendall is an Abstract Painter who lives in Northern California. Andrea has a thriving Art Business and is also a savvy Art Marketing Consultant.

After graduating college with her Art Degree, Andrea went into marketing. When a massive layoff hit the tech industry, Andrea decided to return to her love of creating Art full time. She noticed that a solo art career could be lonely so she created a community for artists in a unique way utilizing social media. Through the conversations she was having with other artists she realized that the years of marketing and advertising experience she had could become quite beneficial to her new artist community.

Episode 22 YouTube 5.jpg

She has now created an online learning platform to 'Spark Your Art' business and on today's Episode she is sharing more about her offerings. This is also an introduction to Andrea. Look for future episodes on my YouTube Channel where we will dive deep into her advice on topics like Instagram, Pinterest, Email Marketing and more!

Andrea's course is now open for enrollment:

You can Listen to Episode 22 with Andrea Kendall HERE

She also has lots of FREE Resources for Artists HERE

Course Website:

Art Website:

July's Featured Artist - Jennifer Allevato

by Mari Robeson in

I have the most beautiful Video Podcast for you today! I can’t think of a better Artist Interview to kick off Summer than with the very talented Jennifer Allevato! Not only does she create gorgeous florals, interiors, and landscapes she has some really helpful and interesting advice about she created a successful career for herself.

Episode 21 YouTube 2.jpg

In this Episode we discuss her journey starting out in costume design and then switching over to making her living as a full-time fine artist. We discuss the business side of being an artist, from having a beautiful and informative website, to using platforms such as Pinterest, to reach new collectors. We also talk about her big break in working with bloggers and how how a simple mention on the Young House Love blog helped launch her career.

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Jennifer not only sells her original creations but she also licenses her work. Her art has been featured in Anthropologie, Minted, Artfully Walls and on the cover of HGTV magazine just to name a few places you may have seen this lovely and talented artist.

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

We also talk about her Artist In Residence at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and how that experience was for her. Of course I also had to ask about her orange kitty who she claims is a 'grumpy old man' but she loves him anyway. We end with some really helpful advice that we can all benefit from. She will inspire you to want to pick up your paint brush and start creating!

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 11.27.53 AM.png

For the Month of July, Jennifer has generously offered 20% of the proceeds of these three large original florals on paper to go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Scholarship! Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!!! You can purchase one, or all three HERE!

You can Listen & Watch the FULL EPISODE HERE

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June's featured Creative Entrepreneur - Lani Colhouer

by Mari Robeson

I had so much fun interviewing my good friend, Lani Colhouer, founder of Simply Clear Marketing on today’s Episode! I met Lani years ago when I had my little boutique in the Village of Arroyo Grande. She’s one of the most intelligent women I have ever met and I have enjoyed collaborating with her on many projects. For the past three years I have had the privilege of being a contributor to her gorgeous magazine.

Episode 20 YouTube 2.jpg

Under the umbrella of Simply Clear Marketing she has three divisions; digital marketing and strategies, print shelter magazines, and home exhibitions.

Episode 20 YouTube 3.jpg

As a founder of Simply Clear Marketing, Inc., Lani Colhouer is passionate about marketing and events. She was raised in the San Luis Obispo County and loves the area. Her background includes event management, advertising, marketing and sales, and exhibiting at international trade shows. She has been in the marketing industry for 20 years and loves the stories behind each business that keeps them going. A true entrepreneur, she loves to build community by helping small businesses be more innovative in their marketing strategies and implementation.

In this Episode we take a deep dive into her marketing advice specifically for artists and how they can sell their art effectively and with ease. We discuss everything from how to make the right connections to what words to actually say to close the deal. Lani has years of experience in marketing and advertising and she generously shares some very helpful advice for artists!

To receive the breakdown of what we discuss and her Free pdf of;

5 Marketing and Sales Tips for Artists, head on over to her Contact Page at SimplyClearMarking!


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Introducing June's Featured Artist - Lena Rushing

by Mari Robeson in

Here we are already half way into the year and I have yet another super interesting Podcast Episode for you! This months Featured Artist is Contemporary, Narrative, Surreal Artist - Lena Rushing.

Episode 19 YouTube 2.jpg

I’ve known and followed Lena for many years. She is local to the Central Coast so we were able to have the interview in my studio which is always extra fun.

Episode 19 YouTube 3.jpg

Although Lena is primarily self taught her work is incredibly skilled and masterful. Whether she is crafting an intricate shadow-box or painting a surrealist image of a strong female surrounded by intriguing objects of symbolism, her work is a testimony to her boundless imagination. We talk about her experience participating in group shows and curating art events. She also shares the meaning behind many of her symbolic images and why she chose painting as a way to "compartmentalize" her emotions in that way.

Episode 19 YouTube 10.jpg

Lena is also a big believer in finding a work-life balance and staying healthy while pursuing her art. She offers great advice and really interesting ideas as well as her thoughts on living life as a full time artist. 

Episode 19 YouTube 13.jpg

For the month of June 2019, Lena is generously offering 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous shadow box titled ‘The Deep’ to the Louise Monforte Scholarship Fund. You can view the details on her website HERE!

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing


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Instagram: @LenaRushing

Introducing Jane Gianarelli - April's Featured Creative - Episode 16

by Mari Robeson in

If you follow me, you probably have a love for Interior Design and Room Renderings. Well, I have a real treat for you today! Meet my friend, and fellow Italian, Jane Gianarelli! In today’s Episode we talk about how she combined her two passions of Interior Design and Fine Art into a thriving niche business!

Episode 16 YouTube 2.jpg
Episode 16 YouTube 12.jpg

I have followed Jane for a long time on Instagram because I love a good room sketch! Jane’s work is so incredibly beautiful and well executed. We have similar backgrounds as Interior Designers. We discuss how there is just no way you can illustrate a room like this without understanding all the details that go into Interior Design. What she creates is a true ART-FORM and can not be replaced by a tech app! Like Jane, I too loved the rendering part of the Interior Design process (which I am now turning into larger fine art paintings) where as she has created a thriving business rendering for top Interior Designers all throughout the United States.

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

This is such a fun Episode and just another amazing example of how you can turn your art into an abundant and joyful day job!


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April's Featured Artist - Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Studio - Episode 15

by Mari Robeson

Episode 15 YouTube 2.jpg

I’m so excited about this month’s Featured Artist for a couple of reasons. Introducing Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Studio! First of all, Aaron is a very good friend. We met years ago at the ABC KIDS EXPO in Las Vegas when we were both designing a lot of products for the children’s decor industry. It took about a minute to feel like we had been friends for a very long time. I was there with my BFF Stacy Axan and between the quick whit and banter of the two of them I was left in tears, laughing for hours. So it’s no surprise that his personal charm would translate easily into the gorgeous art he creates for Boys and Teen rooms.

Episode 15 YouTube 8.jpg

When I started this podcast I knew I had to have him on, not only because he’s such a wonderful creative soul, but because I’m fascinated by how he has created a profitable niche for his art. This is something I wanted to share with the younger artists out there, that finding a niche and mastering your craft in that niche, can be a very viable way to make a living as an artist.

Episode 15 YouTube 15.jpg

Aaron has designed for major retail companies such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Z Gallerie just to name a FEW! He’s also been featured on Apartment Therapy, HGTV, MTV Cribs….designed for celebrities etc…the list goes on and on! So how honored am I to have had the opportunity to pick his brain on this Episode AND even more honored that he is donating 20% of the sales from his New Rough Game Sports Collection (for the month of April) to the Louise Monforte Memorial Scholarship!!! WOW!

Aarons New Collection.png

Speaking of the Scholarship, I have received the applications and they are ALL SO GOOD!! I have already selected the recipient of the Dance Scholarship and I can not wait to share her story and that of the selected Visual Artist with you! Look for a future YouTube video on that! The Scholarships for 2019 will be awarded on June 4th and of course I’ll be posting about that here as well!! It’s going to be so fun to follow these young creatives on their amazing journey’s! Thank you so much for supporting this Mission to Support The ARTS!!

I hope you will really enjoy this Episode with Aaron and there is a pretty funny Bonus Episode at the end where we talk about ‘The Squirrel’ Soooo cute!

Episode 15 YouTube 16.jpg

March's Featured Entrepreneur - Cindy Arnet - Sienna Grace Jewelry - Episode #14

by Mari Robeson in

Happy Spring Equinox & Happy Full Moon in Libra! What a great day to share this fun Episode with the very talented Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace Jewelry! It also happens to be her Birthday, so what better day to celebrate her!

Episode 14 YouTube 2.jpg

Cindy and I have been friends for a long time and she actually spent a weekend with me up in San Francisco with my sweet sister, Louise, before she passed away. It’s meaningful because this podcast was created in my sister’s memory to carry on her legacy of helping others so was I really happy to have her in my home studio for this interview.

Episode 14 YouTube 6.jpg

What’s even more fun, is that since our first chance meeting in my boutique, Cindy has gone on to be quite the designer! It was so great to ask her how she found her groove and the secrets to her success!

Episode 14 YouTube 8.jpg

By working with companies like The Artisan Group, Cindy has successfully had her jewelry placed in the best Swag Bags and in the hands of top Hollywood stylists. We talk about the evolution of her career as a jewelry designer and how she found this to be a great marketing tool for her beautiful designs. Her work has been seen on popular television shows like; The Vampire Diaries, Jane The Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Mom, Law and Order: SVU, and Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs. Cindy is generously sharing her words of advice not only for jewelry designers but any creative entrepreneur. We discuss topics like selling on-line and which platforms are working as well as which ones are not. We also talk about the pressures of social media and how to navigate through it as artists.

It’s a short but super informative episode that I hope you enjoy! Happy Spring!! xo Mari

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March's Featured Artist - Bridgette Thornton - Episode #13

by Mari Robeson in

Introducing the very lovely & talented Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals! Bridgette is my Featured Artist for the month of March! You can now Listen and Watch the Full Episode HERE! While you are there I would love it if you left a comment, gave it a thumbs up, or even better, subscribed to my YouTube Channel. All those things will help spread the word about these amazing artists who are sharing so much great advice!

Episode 13 YouTube 2.jpg

Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals is a very successful commercial illustrator. Have you ever wondered how artists collaborate with large retail companies like Anthropologie and Serena & Lily? Bridgette has collaborations with both and she’s sharing how she made it happen!

Episode 13 YouTube 8.jpg

In this episode we talk about her tenacity and how she was able to connect with these brands and build a successful career as an artist licensing to them.

Bridgette's joyful and colorful floral paintings translate beautifully onto her own line of stationery, greeting cards, wrapping paper and textiles. We talk about the specifics of how she creates those items as well as what it's really like to work with large home decor companies.

Episode 13 YouTube 4.jpg

She also share some incredibly helpful resources for any artist looking to make a profitable living from their craft. She is lovely and positive and her advice at the end is incredibly inspirational.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.20.53 PM.png

As this month’s Featured Artist, 20% of the Proceeds from the Sale of Bridgette’s ‘Sage Print’ will go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. Thank you so much Bridgette! I am also excited to share that the deadline for submissions for the 2 visual arts scholarships will also be coming up this month. I can’t wait to see the art these young artists are creating!! Stay tuned for that!

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Introducing Interior Designer - Kerrie Kelly - February's Creative Entrepreneur

by Mari Robeson

Episode # 12 Is LIVE with the very talented Kerrie Kelly!

It’s such a small world when you meet someone through social media and become good friends only to find out later that you both went to the same college and have a love for the same things. That’s how my friendship with the beautiful Kerrie Kelly all began. I knew when I started this podcast I wanted to have her on the show because she has been so successful with her Interior Design business on many different levels.

Episode 12 YouTube 2.jpg

Have you ever wondered how designers create their own home decor product lines or how they collaborate with big brands? In this interview with Interior Designer Kerrie Kelly, she shares how she connected with home decor companies such as Feizy Rugs, Coyote Outdoor Living, Go Home, LTD. to design collections for them.

Episode 12 YouTube 12.jpg

That's just the beginning. We also talk about the many avenues an Interior Designer can branch into and the multitude of different projects she's been involved in, including being a spokesperson for Zillow, a home contributor to Style Magazine, national board member to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a member of the editorial board of Furniture, Lighting & Decor Magazine. Kerrie also shares a wealth of great advice for young designers and anyone interested in living out their dreams as a creative entrepreneur.

You can Listen & Watch Episode 12 HERE

Other places you can find Kerrie Kelly:

Introducing February's Featured Artist - Kristi Kohut of HapiArt

by Mari Robeson

Episode # 11 is LIVE and it is full of Inspiration!

She's been named one of "The 7 Next Big Thing Artists" by Elle Decor Magazine and once you see all her beautiful artwork, you'll know exactly why.

Episode 11 YouTube 2.jpg

If you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life as a full time mixed media artist then this is the episode for you! Kristi Kohut had a very successful career in the world of advertising but when her son was born she knew it was time to follow her passion of creating art. Through many hours of trial and error, infused with a lot of Play, her artistic creations began to take form, many of them 3 dimensionally.

Episode 11 YouTube 9.jpg

In her interview we talk about how she creates her colorful pieces of art and sculptures which is a process unlike any I've ever heard about.

Episode 11 YouTube 11.jpg

We also discuss her creative approach on how she sells her art to collectors and interior designers. This inspiring creative journey through the eyes of Kristi Kohut will make you want to surround yourself with her Colorful ART!

As this Vlogcast has evolved I’ve examined different ways to include the artist in the Give Back component. Not only is the Featured Artist sharing valuable advice to younger creatives, they are generously offering 20% of the Sale of a selected piece on their site to the Louise Monforte Memorial Scholarship. This offering is only good for the month they are featured. I’m thrilled to announce that this gorgeous piece by Kristi Kohut is our selected piece of art. You can purchase this piece HERE. Titled ‘Be Vibrant’ - so perfect for the month of LOVE!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 2.30.36 PM.png

Introducing The Brilliant Erin Summer - January's Featured Creative Entrepreneur!

by Mari Robeson

EPISODE #10 is LIVE and you are all in for a real treat! Erin Summer is an Art Director, Content Creator, Photographer, Color Enthusiast and Crazy Dog Lady! What’s not to love about all of that?!

Episode 10 YouTube 18.jpg

Erin and I met on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with her colorful, quirky, playful graphics and gifs.

Episode 10 YouTube 14.jpg

But come to find out that is her New Account. Previously Erin created some of the most gorgeous feather accessories I have ever seen! @ErinLightFeather on Instagram Unfortunately (or fortunately) a health issue forced her to reinvent herself into her new career as the Creative Art Director of Erin Summer where she creates graphics and branding for companies big and small.

Episode 10 YouTube 4.jpg

On the EPISODE we dive into how this transformation happened for her and the amazing companies she now works with. Erin shares some really wonderful advice on how she overcame a difficult challenge to find her true purpose as an artist and creative entrepreneur.

We also talk about the different platforms where an artist can sell their work such as Red Bubble, Society 6 and ETSY. Super interesting!

Erin is a beautiful soul and it was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to interview her…there’s a pretty funny blooper at the end of the episode too! Please enjoy EPISODE 10 and make sure to follow Erin Here:


Instagram: @erinsummer_

Shop: Erin Summer Society 6

Happy New Year! Meet January's Featured Artist - Gina Julian!

by Mari Robeson

I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year but with the incredibly talented, abstraction artist, Gina Julian! You can listen, and watch, her EPISODE HERE!

Episode 9 Gina YouTube 2.jpg

Gina and I became friends via Instagram a few years ago. I’m so drawn to beautiful, colorful art and her work does not disappoint! Before she created her latest OP Art series I was fascinated by her colorful portraits, which come to find out, are all created on her computer! Amazing!

Episode 9 YouTube 13.jpg

In her interview she shares a lot of helpful advice for artists and how to promote and sell your work. I loved her tips and plan on incorporating them into my own business.

Episode 9 Gina YouTube 7.jpg

Gina is my First Featured Artist of the New Year and I couldn’t be more honored to share her work with you! Because Gina is the featured artist, two of her beautiful Origami Art Prints will be available in the in Give Back Category of my online Shop for the month of January, 2019. The proceeds from the sale of these monthly artist prints go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. The first of these scholarships will be awarded this Spring!

Episode 9 Gina YouTube 3.jpg

Happy New Year everyone and please enjoy this very colorful and fun interview with artist, Gina Julian!


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Instagram: @gina_julian